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The Biggest MCN in the Region

Creating, 90
Branding, 80
Distributing, 100

Dot Republic Media is one of the biggest YouTube MCN (Multi-Channel Network) in the Region.
With global distribution on more than 130 Networks in 240 countries, we empower the publishers to focus on content creation while we generate revenues for them.

Our dedicated team of experts will take care of all issues related to asset management, claims, revenue collection from illegal sources and content marketing; always ensuring quality work and commitment to your brand and creations.

Everything we do ensures the best ROI on your content investments.


A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.


Content Ideas that push your Brand’s objectives to a whole new level. We also have a pool of creators that can collaborate with your brand to further your creative journey. With branded content also comes Activation and Merchandising

We organize events for our Creators and Brand Partners, integrating digital with on-ground activities; delivering unique live experiences.We create merchandise to promote brands and creators. We also create merchandise to promote brands and creators.

It doesn’t matter how many times I have to click, as long as each click is a mindless, unambiguous choice.

Steve Krug

Inventory of Media relevant for your creation and brand on the Biggest MCN in Pakistan. We do native and off-network advertising to ensure greater content visibility.

Relevance, efficiency, and constant evaluation of media on all our channels.

Never fall in love with an idea. They’re whores. If the one you’re with isn’t doing the job, there’s always another.

Chip Kidd

We partner with some of the biggest Audience Management Platforms to ensure a flawless service of 100% engaged audience on your channel which shows organic growth and thus an increased probability of being shared.

Community Management is a part of our services which allows us to create an army of highly engaged content loyalists.

All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.

Albert Einstein

We foster real conversations across platforms ensuring a long term relationship with our audience.

We bring in efficiency in promotion through various synergies and cross platform optimization.

Photography is the simplest thing in the world, but it is incredibly complicated to make it really work.

Martin Parr

In house creation of world class content at our studio for any platform out there.

We also work with creators to co-create their content along with relevant training for creating content that their audience wants to see!

150 Channels

750,000 Videos

3,500,000 Claims

8,000,000 Minutes


OnePlatter is the ultimate cooking social community, where recipes come to life. Join us and become a part of our robust foodie community, share food experiences, contribute your recipes and food ideas with hundreds of other like-minded members.
A tasteful journey starts now!


A platform for more empowered, knowledgeable and tech-savvy mom of today. We talk about life, experiences, issues and everything related to being a mom!


PakGamers or “PG (as many fans call it)” is a community based platform which is devoted to serving the video games enthusiasts by providing them the lastest updates and happenings in video gaming and related technology industry. PakGamers was created with the vision of uniting all the amateur, casual and hardcore gamers from Pakistan on a single platform.


PCB On Board!
Dot Republic Media | 31, October

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is officially a YouTube partner with Dot Republic Media. This means their social

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