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Want to learn how to gain more YouTube followers & also retain them in 2021?

You are at the right place. YouTube is the world’s most famous video streaming platform. It enables ordinary as well as reputable individuals, known as creators/artists, to distribute, share and entertain global audiences through their content. When a video becomes viral (worldwide famous) the video owner benefits the most from its increased exposure. 

Creators must accumulate a certain subscriber base called its followers. The amount of individuals who have subscribed to a YouTube channel determines its level of success and popularity. It predicts the degree of engagement and relatability the artist or creator has with its audience. The bigger the number of subscribers, the better the channel’s probability of popularity.


It’s not easy to get YouTube subscribers. It necessitates a great deal of effort, time, and planning.


Now without any further due let’s dig into some interesting hacks on how can help you gain more subscribers on your YouTube Channel and also retain them:


  • Your introduction should pique people’s interests

  • Ask viewers to subscribe – you sometimes need to spell it out for your viewers

  • Write start description to catch the viewer’s attention.
  • Use  YouTube Shorts to your advantage. Promote your content in just 60 seconds, make it interesting that the viewer watches the whole video and is motivated enough to subscribe to the channel

  • Maintain  Consistency in uploading your content. Without consistency, your channel cannot be successful. Don’t limit yourself, discover which genre would be suitable for you to have consistency in it.

Choose a channel concept and give viewers a reason to subscribe to your channel.

  • Determine your target audience, pick a niche for your YouTube channel, this will give you a specific direction and make it easier to reach out to your target audience.

  • Ask people to provide their feedback in the comments section, this will give them a sense of involvement and priority. They will stay as they know that their opinion matters.

  •  Power Playlists are similar to ordinary playlists, except they’re better. Most playlists are grouped by subject. Power playlists, on the other hand, are unique. Power Playlists are arranged by outcomes rather than subjects.

  • Use long and short formats on the channel, each viewer will have their own appetite.

  • Promote videos on your  End Screen, include a relevant video on your end screen, when someone views more videos, the more chances they have to subscribe. How can you encourage viewers to watch two, five, or even ten of your videos? 

  • Set a timetable for uploading your videos and stick to it to manage expectations

  • Use the subscription button as a branding watermark. An Ideal YouTube subscription hack is branding watermark = subscribe button. You’re undoubtedly aware that you can promote your videos with a watermark. This watermark allows people to subscribe to your channel while watching the video.

  • Use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to cross-promote your YouTube video & gain subscribers.

  • During the first 24 hours, heavily promote your video via email or push notifications.

  • Concentrate on quality rather than quantity. Focus on the content quality and storyline rather than just the numbers. You might be consistent in uploading 2 to 3 videos per week but if they hold no value proposition they are worthless and a waste of both time and effort. This boosting strategy will work wonders!

  • Make a series that people will want to subscribe to (organize your playlist in such a way that it seems convenient and attractive for the viewers to find their preferred content and subscribe to your channel)

  • Make your thumbnails click-through-friendly. Use HD images, with a touch of creativity & mindfulness, so that the viewer can easily understand what kind of video he is going to watch.

  • One of the quickest methods to maximize your subscription count is to respond to every comment either answer their questions or ask them something related to your video. Indeed, YouTube research has discovered a strong link between responding to comments and gaining subscribers. When artists engage with their devoted audience, it promotes viewer involvement and eventually leads to the retention of an enormous fanbase.

  • Create an engaging channel description. The description of your YouTube channel is quite important. It gives you crucial information about the channel (such as the upload schedule) and includes a compelling message to subscribe. It can help your channel rank higher in YouTube search.

  • Use YouTube Live to stay connected to your audience and retain them.

  • Make your video title search-engine friendly (easily accessible and reachable to the viewers). Polishing up on your YouTube SEO is a smart place to start. 

  • Recognize the preferences of your audience and analyze what your viewers prefer to watch.

  • Plan a giveaway with exciting prize money, gift cards, or vouchers. Free things attract people, set giveaway guidelines that can assist you in gaining more YouTube followers

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