If you’ve been pondering how to earn money from Youtube, this is the right place, where you can learn about how to monetize your YouTube channel & artistic endeavours.

Note: Top trending YouTube celebs may earn around $20 million per year. Most, on the other hand, make considerably less or even nothing.

Being a binging platform, Youtube is a full-time job for several creators. Millions of creators on this platform are earning billions through their unique video creation ability. 

Jeffree Star& PewDiePie, the world’s first and second wealthiest YouTuber, have a net worth of $200 million & $40 million respectively. Similarly, Olga Kay, a well-known YouTuber, previously profiled by the New York Times, has been earning $100,000 to $130,000 per year for the past three years.

Even Prominent YouTubers, influencers, bloggers, actors, actresses, podcasters, vloggers, and TV broadcasters get money every time the audience watches their content due to YouTube monetization. It is a good source of income for them.

Anybody who wants to make money on YouTube should adhere to the platform’s Monetization regulations. YouTube will take immediate action when you break either of the policy guidelines. 

Note: More views a video obtains, the more significant it is to YouTube, making it more likely for it to appear on a higher rank in the search results.

It’s obligatory for the creators to have at least 1,000 subscribers as well as 4,000 view hrs throughout the previous year to officially join YouTube’s Partner Program & begin their money-making journey via YouTube. You need to build your Channel strong enough to qualify under YouTube’s Partner Program standards to start monetizing your videos via advertisements, subscriptions, or channel memberships.

YouTube’s Partner Program, offers a variety of money-making features like Advertising revenue, Channel memberships, ​​Merch shelf, YouTube Premium Revenue, Super Chat & Super Stickers

Get ready to earn money from YouTube! 

  • Create your own ”YouTube Channel”. To register for a YouTube account, use your Google Account.

How do I monetize my YouTube account? 

Go to your YouTube account and sign in. Tap ”Monetization” from the menu bar. If the you haven’t qualified, it will show the subscribers and watch time count. If you have qualified as per the minimum threshold, you can press the ‘Apply Now’ button. 

Parameters for Video Monetization are that the Videos must be original and as per the guidelines defined by YouTube. Videos which are copyrighted or that you might have copied from the internet will not be acceptable. You may offer validation for the audio/video material that you utilize in your content. The video must adhere to the Terms of Agreement and Community Guidelines.

  • Once you’ve enabled ‘’Monetization’’ for your YouTube channel.
  • Link it to an authorized AdSense account. 

Ads : Ads are used to monetize videos. Using the AdSense account, make money from relevant advertisements by enabling ads on suitable content. 

YouTube Analytics: Through critical indicators and insights in YouTube Studio, anyone can utilize analytics to help evaluate their content and channel success. Analyze your channel’s proceedings through its astounding features like reach, audience, engagement & revenue. Learn more from YouTube Analytics. 

  • Examine the video standards as well as the ad formats
  • Your channel’s ‘’Merch’’ should both symbolize & nurture the viewer’s relationship with you. Which implies your merchandise should be unique & one-of-a-kind
  • Create attention-getting videos & publish them
  • For every video watch, you will get money, that is a dollar or two on every 1,000 views depending on the market you are serving the watch time
  • Creators must adopt known YouTube best practices to enhance their chances of gaining a significant following. Creating rich, engaging content is among the most basic best practices. 

Get familiar with the CPM, RPM, and eCPM:

CPM – Cost per thousand ad impressions (CPM) is the amount paid by the advertiser when their advertisement is seen.

RPM – Revenue per Thousand views is referred to as RPM. YouTube gets a 45 percent share of advert income earned by the channel. 

eCPM – eCPM = Earnings ÷ Monetised playbacks × 1000. YouTube analytics is the greatest approach to fully comprehend earnings.

So, what are you waiting for?

  • Create content that is engaging and will entice the audience.
  • Persuade viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel.
  • Give enticing titles and include suitable descriptions as well as trending tags.
  • Promote your content on as many social media sites & platforms as possible and start earning from your own YouTube Channel!

Good luck!