YouTube Stories, which debuted in early 2018 as YouTube Reels, is comparable to the Stories formats on Snapchat, Instagram, and perhaps other social networking sites.

YouTube Stories are a series of short Films, a simple yet ingenious way to connect with your target demographic. 

On a mobile YouTube App, you may view them at the head of your Subscriptions feed, on your homepage, or on some watch sites. Each story is seven days long.

YouTube Stories are short, mobile-only videos that enable creators to engage with their audience in a more informal and on-the-go way. YouTube Stories not only assist artists in connecting with their current viewers but also in attracting new ones.

  1. Log-In to YouTube on your mobile device.
  2. To add a story, tap the ”Camera” icon  
  3. Click ”Story”. For the best results, shoot films for Stories horizontally in full-screen portrait mode (9:16).
  4. Your device is presently incompatible with Stories if you don’t see the Story option.
  5. To snap a photo, press and hold the capture button, or keep it down to record a video.
  6. Effects like filters, stickers, music, and text can be added. You may also cut or save your story. Be creative with different creative elements, motion, and frame options.
  7. If you wish to utilize your story later, trim it and save it to your phone’s gallery.
  8. Click ”Post”.

The potential for a creator to apply stickers to a video has become one of the coolest and finest aspects of Stories, as it allows the creator to let audiences connect with stories, mentions, and places. By tapping the video sticker, producers may recommend videos to audiences, and audiences can add such films to their Watch It later list.

There you go, easy wasn’t it?