Pakistan’s first ever digital talk show featuring untold stories of today’s heartthrobs and legends of the past. Speak your with Samina Peerzada is a roller coaster ride of emotions, as we relive the past and discover the secrets and struggles of the great names of today!

Adventures of Fadi and Sadi is an animated series featuring four children. Fadi and Sadi being the protagonists, Rocky and Chuchu also accompany them in their adventures.

Juggun Kazim, an Actor, Anchor, Model, Producer, Journalist and  Entrepreneur and so much more! Experience life in a nutshell with Juggun Kazim recommending to you the best of health, fitness, beauty, food, mom matters and of course whatever life has taught her!

OnePlatter is the ultimate cooking social community, where recipes come to life. Join us and become a part of our robust foodie community, share food experiences, contribute your recipes and food ideas with hundreds of other like-minded members. A tasteful journey starts now!

One Take is one of the first digital shows of Pakistan, revealing to you all the insides of our star-studded industry! Get to know more about your favorite actors and unwind in this up-close and personal digital talk show which will leave you enthralled! With weekly episodes full of fun, laughter, & gossip relax & enjoy the show!

PakGamers or “PG (as many fans call it)” is a community-based platform which is devoted to serving the video games enthusiasts by providing them the latest updates and happenings in video gaming and related technology industry. PakGamers was created with the vision of uniting all the amateur, casual and hardcore gamers from Pakistan on a single platform.

Get your daily dose of latest fashion and entertainment news from all over the world. It’s your go-to website to catch up on style! From beauty tips to the hottest celebrity gossip, Style Catchup serves you with everything you need to know in the click of a button.

Talk Shows Central is a Pakistani Youtube channel publishing talk shows, entertaining, interesting and news Videos. We upload daily Pakistani talk shows, interesting content & random videos on our YouTube channel. If You Missed any of your TV Shows, you can watch it on our channel when ever you Want.

Dramas Central is a Drama Hub that provides you with sheer entertainment from your favorite networks on one platform. Get ready to embark on a roller coaster ride packed filled with all emotions. Watch all your favorite episodes, one after another.

Are you a drama buff? Do you watch dramas regularly? Have you missed an episode of your favorite drama? If the answer is yes, then this is the ultimate destination for all drama buffs on YouTube. Browse through our playlists, select your favorite drama and watch all your favorite episodes, one after another.

A unique platform for the sole purpose of bringing brilliant new artists and musicians to the forefront and helping them make their mark. With Walnut Studios, the world is your stage! We provide the services in the vectors of audio, video and graphic design which will develop any aspiring artists musical journey.
We’re a nation of dreamers. We achieve, the unachievable. We love creating history. Absolute Pakistan is a web platform powered by the top Social networks of today, where each one of us will share the stories of people around us, who are making a positive impact on our society.

A platform for more empowered, knowledgeable and tech-savvy mom of today. We talk about life, experiences, issues and everything related to being a mom!