If you find that someone else has stolen one of your videos and uploaded it to YouTube, you can now submit a claim to DRM. We’ll deal with it directly and win you the stolen revenue you deserve. Just provide us the following information via copyrights@dotrepublicmedia.com

  • Link to your original video: What’s the URL for your 100% original video?
  • Link to the stolen copy: What’s the URL of the stolen copy of your content?
  • Timecode: When (in terms of hours:minutes:seconds) does your content appear in the stolen video? (If it’s the entire video, enter 00:00:00.)
  • Policy: What action do you want DRM to take on the stolen content? (In most cases, you’ll want to monetize so you can grow your earnings.)
    • Monetize: Earn money from any views the stolen video gets.
    • Track: Keep track of all views of the stolen video within your YouTube analytics.
    • Block: Keep the stolen video from being viewable on YouTube.
    • Strike: Report the stolen video (and the uploader) to YouTube.


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